The New Hope Recreation and Development Center (NHRDC) was founded in 1989 by a group of concerned citizens as a community-based organization. The purpose of NHRDC was to reduce juvenile delinquency in the Ellendale, Delaware area through programs including counseling, education, informational workshops and recreation. Additionally, the Center was dedicated to increasing the quality of life for Ellendale’s youth by assisting in keeping participants in school and improving the study skills and self-esteem of participants.

NHRDC found its first home in leasing a building owned by Mt. Zion A.M.E. Church—the former 195C—for a nominal fee. While NHRDC has continued to address the needs of at-risk youth, the organization has also expanded to offer its service to all ages of the community, including youth, adults and seniors. In 2010, NHRDC celebrated the opening of a brand-new facility, adjacent to 195C, to better serve the Ellendale community.

Our mission is to further improve the quality of life in the under-served community of Ellendale, Delaware by providing educational opportunities for at-risk youth, adults and senior citizens. NHRDC serves the community by offering practical programs that enhance individual growth and development, including supplemental after-school and summer education programs; adult computer literacy programs; health awareness sessions; financial management strategy classes; and programming for senior citizens.

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